Multi-talented singer and The X Factor UK runner-up reveals the singing techniques that will help anyone find their own voice.


“Learn to sing like your idol WITHOUT expensive singing lessons—use the same methods as Saara Aalto did to tune her voice for the stages of the world.”

Saara Aalto Singing Masterclass gives you the tools to improve your singing—with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you want to be good at karaoke, take part in singing competitions around the world or just sing for your own pleasure and wish to do it without taking expensive singing lessons again and again…

If this sounds like you, I have the solution for you.

“Whether you are a beginner or already an experienced singer, I’ll help you by using the 18 years of experience I have to find your own voice and confidence as a singer—I can guarantee this!” -Saara

You will learn more about this new singing course soon, but first, you have to know one thing…
Singing is NOT just about talent (and soon, you will know why).

But before I reveal more… Do any of these sound familiar to you:

If you recognise yourself even in one of the points mentioned above–No worries! There is a targeted solution for your problem, and as you read forward, you will get to know exactly what it is…

So imagine a moment: How would you feel if you could sing your heart out just like I did in The X Factor UK finals when I sang ”Bohemian Rhapsody” together with Adam Lambert in the Wembley Arena? By following my lessons, you will be able to do it—and my previous students are living proof of that:

“I took classical singing lessons for many years, but I have always wanted to improve my ability to sing pop songs because I never felt confident singing them. This singing course is exactly what I needed.”

– Emilia, 27v.

”Before this course, there was a part of my vocal range in which the tone wouldn’t stay stable. Thanks to techniques like the twang and the shouting exercises, I can finally move past that part, and my chest voice has become a lot bigger. With my new, more stable voice, I feel like I’m a braver singer!”

– Lina, 38v.

As you can see, you can learn how to sing high notes and to stay in tune, even if you haven’t been born as a nightingale, because…

“To sing, you don’t need talent, but muscles which anyone can train with the right instructions.”

When you listen to your favourite singers, you often think “What a talented singer! I wish I could one day do the same…

Having a strong singing voice isn’t all about having natural talent—it’s also about muscle work, and that’s good news for you!


Even though you wouldn’t think of yourself as the new Adele or Beyoncé, you can develop your voice by simply training your singing muscles.

In this course, you will train and stretch your singing muscles together with me! Your vocal range will expand, your breathing will find its place, and you will gain control of all the tones of your voice, so your voice won’t crack anymore; not even when you go for the highest note in the song.

So imagine:

Here are just a few things which passionate singers who took the course have achieved. Check out yourself:

“I have never gotten results so fast!”

“The biggest thing to me was probably the high notes and how to find them. Before this course, I was certain I could only sing low notes. 😅 It made singing frustrating because you had to transpose songs a lot, and it didn’t make me feel powerful like I hoped singing would. I quit singing, as I was getting so annoyed and anxious. 😅 On this course, I realised it was all inside of my head. I have noticed that my vocal range is a lot wider than I thought, and now I can sing high notes strongly using the support technique, and I have figured out that’s quite a natural way to sing for me.”

– Anniina, 33

“I could already hear the difference after doing a couple of lessons (though I have a singing background). I had never gotten results so fast! The teaching is top class.”

– Sanni, 25

“I have gotten a lot of physical support for my singing, and I have learned to use my voice better. I have noticed I can reach a lot higher notes than I thought I could.”

– Jay, 22

Many of my students could not have believed that they could improve their voice to become stronger and broaden their vocal range as fast as they did before taking part in this course.

There are specific steps you have to take to improve your voice. These steps will help you take your voice to a whole different level—and record-breakingly fast.

Or read on, and you will find out how these steps will work for you…

The 5 steps that will expand your vocal range so that you can finally sing those high notes bravely!

I will show you hands-on the same steps and techniques I used to increase my range and train my voice to become strong—with the help of the steps and the methods, you can also start to shine as the top singer of your own life!

If you are still a little sceptical, it’s understandable. Especially if you have taken singing lessons before and you feel like your singing technique didn’t improve.

You might be wondering…

How can I improve my voice faster on an online singing course than on a regular one?

The reason you feel you haven’t improved isn’t you. You probably just haven’t found the right singing teacher to explain exactly what you need to do to reach your singing goals.

“For years, I studied singing with different teachers and sang multiple genres to find solutions to my singing challenges. After I found the answers, I was able to develop my voice to the kind that has made it possible for me to fulfil my wildest dreams: gain success in The X Factor UK, record 7 albums, have thousands of performances across the globe, have roles in Disney animations and musicals… “- Saara

But this is not about me, but about…

What are your singing goals?

You don’t have to search for the solutions for years as I did. Nothing will get your singing muscles stiffer as having the drive to develop your singing but not knowing how to do it.

That’s why my five-step method has specific themes, which will help you accomplish the following singing goals:

In addition: You will be surprised how easy it is to develop your singing skills on an online course (as it came as a surprise to many who have taken the course)…

“Anyone can take part in distance learning, whether you start as a beginner or as an experienced singer.”

“Saara is very professional and a lovely teacher! The instructions are very clear. Distance learning suits everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer. Saara’s teaching is top quality! 🙂 I have had a few singing teachers already, but Saara has been one of the best.
– Sanni, 25

“The most important thing that I learned was figuring out how to use my body in singing. Saara’s pulling, throwing, pushing and other movement tips were really helpful, and I have started to use them all the time.”

– Johanna, 52

All this is possible for you when you join the course today…


Saara Aalto Singing Masterclass brings a top singing teacher right into your living room!

Saara Aalto Singing Masterclass includes everything you need to know about singing, so you can learn to sing like any other top artist, whether you are a beginner or already an experienced singer.

You can practise straight in your living room—for as long as you would like!

You will get over 10 hours of video lessons in which I will help you hands-on to develop your voice ready for the stage (whether you want to shine in the Pre-Christmas party karaoke or convince the judges on The Voice).

Take a look at the video below, in which I go through the course curriculum (or continue reading and you will find out what you will get on the masterclass)

During the five-week course (which you can use as long as you need it ), you will learn the following things:

Without forgetting these…
and these…

In the video lessons I advise you to use the proper techniques, and I sing with you in front of the camera all the time.

Therefore, I offer you a full guarantee that you will focus on practising the right things in the exactly right way!

And that’s not all, because…

IN ADDITION: You get BONUS MATERIAL for €770 if you act before 22.9.2021.

BONUS #1: Vocal warm-up tape from the official singing teacher of The X Factor UK (Value €200)

During week four, you have a unique opportunity to practice vocal warm-ups with the official singing teacher of The X Factor UK, Annabel Williams.

Doing this exercise regularly makes your singing muscles strong, and it will help your vocal range grow—it’s almost inevitable!

BONUS #2: Extra videos for male voice (Value €70)

You will also get over 30 minutes of exercises with videos in which I’m teaching the exercises to a male student. Even though these exercises are targeted at men, it’s recommended for everyone to watch them and notice how the voice improves while doing the exercises and how the exercises fix specific vocal challenges that you might also face in your practice.

Listening to another singer helps you notice your challenges easier, which can further your practice faster!

BONUS #3: Detailed training instructions + a backing track for my song Monsters (Value: €500)

During week five, you will ALSO receive a detailed instruction video for the song Monsters AND a backing track in a key that fits your voice—So, you get to go all-in and test everything you have learned on the course!

As you probably already noticed, there is way more material in the course than just for five weeks.

Frankly speaking, I have packed everything you need to know about your voice into this course—so you won’t have to wonder where to find solutions or a good teacher for yourself.

Learning to sing has never been easier! This can be easily seen in the success stories of the previous students…
Already hundreds of singers around the world are recommending this course

There are hundreds of satisfied students around the world who have taken the course.

Here’s what they have to say about the course:

”Saara explains everything very well and in great detail, which is great for someone like me who doesn’t yet have any singing experience.”

– Summer, 20 United Kingdom

“I used to sing without thinking about the technique. Singing always hurt my throat and made it all tense. Thanks to Saara’s lessons and instructions, my vocal range is now wider, and I’m able to sing high notes, which were impossible for me before this course. My throat doesn’t hurt anymore, and I’m beginning to manage the tensions in my throat. The best thing has been that I have learned to love singing again.”

– Barbara, 39 Spain

“Thanks a million, Saara. I have often thought that if I could get singing lessons from anyone in the world, it would be you. Because of the course, it has been possible. I’m immensely grateful and optimistic about my possibilities to develop my voice even further. I have sung all my life, but I have struggled with my voice for a long time, and at times I have been emotionally trapped with singing, so this is a huge deal for me <3.”

– Woman, 36 Finland

“The best thing about this course has been the vast amount of material! I have gotten new exercises to use in my practice, and I enjoyed the vocal warm-up tape! I also really liked that the course was not all beginner level, but it also was challenging for someone who has already sung for a long time.”

– Annika, 30. Finland

As you can tell, this course works! If you still think about whether to take part in it…

Let’s have a look at what makes me the best singing teacher for you…

Meet your teacher: Over 18 years of practice, seven years of studies and my experience as a singing teacher and an internationally touring pop star will guarantee your success

“Singing has always been my greatest passion, and singing has been a part of my life professionally for over 18 years. I studied for years with different singing teachers, and I have university degrees in classical and pop singing from The Sibelius Academy (I also studied a degree in pedagogy!).”




These exact reasons make me the best singing teacher for you, if you finally want to answer your questions about singing and learn about singing techniques.

My voice has made it possible for me to:
And now I want to help you reach your own singing goals and develop your voice to the best it can be!

My voice has mesmerised many world-famous artists:

“Beautiful voice, a talented singer.”
– Andrea Bocelli (Saara sang a duet with Bocelli at his concert in Finland during his world tour in 2015)

“Saara Aalto just bossed it on X Factor”
– Robbie Williams

“Your voice is dynamite! I love you, and you are fantastic!”
– Simon Cowell

“You are a world-class artist. Every time you sing, I think about watching an international superstar.”
– Louis Walsh

“She’s a multi-talent. She’s not one dimensional. She’s funny, and she can sing ballads, fast-paced songs and dance. She will throw herself into any theme with passion.”
– Sharon Osbourne (Saara’s mentor in the X Factor UK)

My high level of expertise as a singer and as a singing teacher has made it possible for already hundreds of students to take part in the course successfully—and it’s guaranteed that you won’t be an exception…

‘30-days of singing’ guarantee:
Practice 30 days with me and be amazed at your improvement—or get your money back!

“I will guarantee that you will get ”aha moments” and completely new tools to develop your voice—whether you are a complete beginner or a longtime singer.
You will get to enjoy the feeling of reaching higher notes with your voice straight away—clearly, without cracks or getting a sore throat.”

– Saara

If you practise using the course for the next 30 days, but you still don’t see any improvement, you will get your money back. Just message us at

It is unlikely, as my instructions and video lessons are very clear and detailed—proven by hundreds of students who have done the course.

Now that you know that there’s no risk, you can start learning stress-free for 30 days. It seems like it’s time to decide…

I will spend over 10 hours teaching you how to sing —with the price of a one regular singing lesson

Now you have exactly two options:

1. You keep singing on your own… or maybe you will have a singing lesson here and there. Even after five years you notice you struggle with the same issues with your voice as before. You are constantly frustrated with how your voice restricts your singing. Time after time, your voice breaks when you try to sing high notes…


2. You will let me work as your guide and offer you my 18 years of expertise in singing techniques. You can finally take your voice to the level you have always wanted to!

“Wonderful for you to join us! Soon I will show you hands-on the most important techniques and exercises that I have used to shape my voice over the years—and you don’t have to spend years figuring out everything by yourself as I did.”

– Saara

You will get the whole five-week course for yourself for as long as you need it—with the price of a regular singing lesson.

And if I’m honest, let’s look at how expensive this course would be, if it were regular singing lessons…
…when there are over 10 hours of video lessons with me.

And let’s add all the other exercises, extra videos and bonus materials…

This kind of course package, as regular singing lessons, would easily be over €2000.

You don’t have to pay over €2000 for this course, because I want to give everyone a chance to become the top singer of their own life.

Therefore, the singing master class is now on sale until the end of December.

Come and join me before 31.12.2020 and claim your 50% discount on the Saara Aalto Singing Masterclass!

This course is on offer for a limited time—only for €148,80 (normally €297,60 ).


(Side note: When you buy the course, you can get another course for only €74,40! This means you can also give this course as a Christmas gift to your friend. More information on the checkout page.)


When you consider that the actual value of the course with the bonus materials is over €2000, don’t you think it sounds like something to take part in?


BUT the Christmas sale is only on until the end of the year till midnight!


After that, the price will go up, and this is a one-time offer.

Just click the button below. You can pay for the course safely with your choice of payment method—and you are ready to start your singing practice with me!

Remember that buying this course is entirely risk-free. You will get 30 days to get to know the course at your own pace with my 30-days of singing guarantee.

After you have bought the course, I will send you a receipt and your login information to the course platform.

All the course material is available instantly—including the bonus materials.

You can go through the course and study at your own pace. You can practise wherever as long as you have a computer or a smartphone and internet connection. 

You can use the course materials as long as you need to.

Learning to sing has never been easier!

“Awesome that you have joined the course! See you soon!” <3: Saara Aalto

P.S. Don’t throw away this unique opportunity to take control of your singing technique with one of the most internationally accomplished singers in Finland. This course will provide you with everything you need with the price of a regular singing lesson—as long as you take advantage of our Christmas offer before 31.12.2020 

by clicking here >>

P.P.S. I show you the techniques I have used to develop my voice, so it doesn’t let me down even in the most challenging situations on the Saara Aalto Singing Masterclass online course.

During the five weeks and with five different themes, you will train your singing muscles in a way that:

You can get to know the course without taking risks with ‘the 30-days of singing’ guarantee. If you don’t notice any improvement in your voice after practising with me, please send us a message to 

The X offer ends x.x.2021

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